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Introducing Firebird the fiery fusion of craftsmanship
and musical genius. Born from the collaboration
between British Drum Co., the legendary Nicko
McBrain, and Rebecca McBrain, Firebird emerges as
the ultimate testament to rock ‘n’ roll resilience.
This masterpiece draws inspiration from Nicko’s
electrifying ‘The Future Past Tour 2023’ kit, featuring
hand-torched BDC copper palladium hardware.


Each copper over brass Firebird shell undergoes
the meticulous hand torching process, resulting in
mesmerising scorch marks—truly unique to every


With its double bead design, it channels sound with
unparalleled precision, while boasting stunning
Palladium hardware and gold coloured tension rods
for that extra touch of glamour.


But that’s not all—Firebird offers versatility beyond
compare. Choose between two hoop variations: the
classic triple flange hoops or the vintage-inspired
single flange adorned with mini claws.


So, seize the flames of creativity and set your rhythm
alight with the British Drum Co. 14" x 6" Firebird, the snare drum created for champions!


British Drum Co Firebird 14" x 6" Snare Drum

SKU: FB-14-60-SN
  • • 14” x 6”
    • Overhead drum heads
    • Copper over Brass
    • 2.3 mm triple flange hoops
    • Single flange hoops
    • Vintage mini claws
    • 45º bearing edges
    • Palladium lugs
    • Palladium strainer
    • Brass tension rods

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