Nicko McBrain TALISMAN Signature Snare Drum

Nicko McBrain TALISMAN Signature Snare Drum - FREE Hardcase

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Talisman - the steel snare drum Nicko McBrain has been waiting for all his life.

Talisman has been a labour of love for Nicko. Deeply involved in the design and development of this signature snare drum, Nicko’s passion for engineering excellence played a significant role in bringing Talisman to life.

Handcrafted in the UK, Talisman is seamlessly spun from British Steel. The characteristic ridges undulating across the outer surface of the 14” x 6.5” shell reveal the artisan’s craft in a signature finish, unique to every single drum. Cool and visually understated, Talisman does not hold back when played. Loud, vibrant and full of tone, the seamless steel shell really sings. Designed by one of the world’s greatest metal drummers, Talisman is not a snare drum to be ignored.

“I’ve waited a lifetime to play the Talisman snare drum, but you can get your hands on one of these beauties right away!”.



FREE 14" fully lined Hardcase

Signed - NICKO MCBRAIN - BDC Poster - while stocks last



  • SPECS:

    • 14” x 6.5”
    • Seamless spun 2mm
    • British Steel shell
    • Round over, bearing edges
    • 42 strand snare wires
    • Remo USA heads
    • 2.3mm triple flange hoops
    • Palladium lugs
    • Talisman logo badge
    • Palladium strainer