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These hihats are expressive through their varying profile with thin edges and a thicker, unlathed bell. Their medium thin weight in the bow allows them to be very versatile and live up to their Polyphonic name. When closed, these hihats deliver tight grooves with just the right balance of attack and air underneath. When you need power, open them up to hear the unlathed bell add a dark roar to the wash. The bell also provides the foundation for a solid chick with your foot.


Series - Byzance Traditional
Diameter - 15"
Type - Hihat
Made in - Türkey




Music Style - Rock, Pop, Fusion, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Reggae, Studio, World
Character - Warm, Smooth
Sustain -  Short
Volume - Medium

MEINL Byzance Traditional 15" Polyphonic Hi Hats

£529.00 Regular Price
£482.00Sale Price

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