British Drum Company 14" x 6"  Bluebird Brass Snare Drum

British Drum Company 14" x 6" Bluebird Brass Snare Drum

SKU: BB-1460-SN

British Drum Company BLUEBIRD 14" x 6" BRASS SNARE DRUM

Whatever your style. Bluebird is the snare drum that sings, from a whisper to a scream, giving you the freedom to express your music the way you intended. From the acoustic demands of a club gig to the amplified roar of the concert stage, Bluebird will always respond to your playing style.

A classic snare drum in every sense, Bluebird’s 14” x 6” chrome over brass shell forms a foundation to the resonant character of this drum, with a stylish double bead to focus the sound. The art-deco inspired Palladium hardware is elegance defined, but is also designed to optimise the connection between the shell and the heads, creating a snare sound that is inherently more musical than metallic.

The exacting build quality of Bluebird delivers superb sensitivity across the entire surface of the batter head, meaning sticking will be precise and crisp, rimshots will be deep and defined, side-sticking will be tight and cutting. This level of sensitivity is highlighted when played to extremes - delicate brushwork is rich and expressive, whilst playing hard reveals the confidence of this drum. Clear, defined, articulate rolls cut through at every level.  This drum responds easily to every demand you make - no need to labour your playing as Bluebird cuts through without you ever breaking a sweat.


- Shell: Brass, double-beaded, 1.3 mm
- Bearing edges: 45-degree rolled over
- Snare beds: 1.8 mm deep
- Batter hoop: Triple flange, 2.3 mm
- Snare hoop: Triple flange, 2.3 mm
- Lugs: 10 Diamond chrome-plated Palladium snare lugs
- Batter head: Remo coated Ambassador
- Resonate head: Remo Hazy snare
- Snare strainer: BDC Smooth action strainer
- Feature: Nyloc lug inserts to prevent de-tuning

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