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Cracked Concrete Wall


There is so much fantastic gear out there at varying price points that we know it can be sometimes difficult to make the right choice.

At Drum One we have a ‘Best In Class’ recommendation for what we think are the very best products at their price point.

We have broken each product category into differing price points and looked hard at specification, build quality, durability, any and all unique aspects and most importantly where relevant the sound of the products to assist you in making your decision, we also include our view on after sales service from the relevant manufacturer to give you peace of mind with regard to any faults or issues post purchase.

This is not to say that our view is that you should buy any product over another; we all look for different things in what we buy and to be fair in some cases there is very little to choose between one product and another.

The Best In Class selection is simply our unbiased opinion on those products we believe offer the best bang for your buck in predominantly the budget, step up and mid price points.

We chose these three key areas simply because when you look at the high end offers from all manufacturers the standard and quality is exceptional across the board.  

Wherever you see the ‘Best In Class’ mark on any product in our on line store you will also see within the product overview what lead us to our decision to ensure that the things we looked at are important to you.






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