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Beginners Sets & Bundles

Choosing a first drumset and making the right decision is critically important. At Drum One we take the hard work out of the decision, particularly for those who aren’t familiar with the instrument. We consider all of the budget and starter kits and select which one offers the very best sound and build quality and, as importantly, has a full range of spare parts readily available because many of the cheap budget kits don’t have any spare parts availability at all which means that if you break something then it generally stays broken.

We also consider that some customers will need the kits to be silent and as such we offer add on silent heads (skins) and low volume cymbals so that practice doesn’t cause any noise pollution issues for you or your neighbours!

 For those who are able to play their drums with standard heads and cymbals it is fair to say that starter kits tend to be supplied as standard with very poor quality heads so we also offer upgrade packs and upgrade cymbal sets too which can make a huge difference at affordable prices.

Click below for more information about the individual kits, bundles and optional add on packs

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If you need any further information then please don’t hesitate to call us on 0161 872 9777.

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