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Sonor historic workshop for simple military drums and drum heads

In 1875 Johannes Link, a trained wood turner and tanner, started a small workshop for simple military drums and drum heads in Weißenfels an der Saale in East Germany. From these modest beginnings developed a flourishing business, which at the turn of the century already offered a comprehensive range of percussion instruments. In 1907 the SONOR trademark was registered with the Imperial Patent Office. Around 1925 SONOR had 145 employees and was one of the largest businesses of its kind, offering a wide range of SONOR Drum Kits and Snare Drums.

After the end of World War II the East German Government expropriated the Link Family and SONOR became a state owned enterprise. But already in 1946 a new company was established by the son of the founder, Otto Link, and his son Horst. This time the location was Aue in Westphalia/West Germany. Today SONOR has evolved into a modern enterprise with its focus on the international markets

Though latest technology has found its entry into SONOR production methods, the secret of the SONOR sound remains. It lies in the meticulous attention to even the smallest detail and the commitment of its founder to always maintain the highest possible level of quality for when it comes to producing the SONOR Drum Kits.

Only when sound is becoming a real experience, the SONOR quality standard is met. From precision craftsmanship musical expression is shaped.

For decades SONOR has supported the constant improvement of percussion instruments on a scientific level. The close cooperation with research institutes, renowned musicologists and leading artists builds the basis for these efforts. Several ground breaking developments were made possible by these mutual activities. An example is the optimization of the resonance properties of drum shells. In the area of mallet instruments, vibraphones, metallophones and glockenspiels SONOR has introduced major improvements in quality standards. Also concert and marching percussion instruments have seen considerable further developments.

Sonor Drum Kit
SONOR drums and hardware

SONOR drum kits and hardware receive top results almost regularly from test reports in leading drum and percussion magazines. As a first in musical instruments, SONOR received the highest design award of Germany in 1994. But always one key element remains through all certificates and achievements: The dedication of SONOR to offer sound the best possible basis.

Percussion instruments create a unique aura of fascination. Hardly another type of instrument except for maybe the human voice can connect people to music so directly and at the same time naturally. The vibrations of drum heads, of wood and metal bars touch human beings in a special way. The direct contact of your body with the instrument, the physical sensation of sound and the power of rhythm all this makes percussion a truly all-encompassing experience.

At the headquarter in Aue SONOR still strive for the highest possible quality to result in the best sounding instruments available. Quality that is put into every single instrument, from ProLite series (Vintage Maple Shells), SQ² (built on special customer request), Artist Series Sonor Snare Drums (exclusive models developed in combination with SONORs top artists), to the 600 Series Hardware Line and Giant Step Pedals.

Innovative and ground breaking developments did not just happen in the past, they are still happening to date and find their way onto stages around the world.



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