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Welcome to DRUM ONE, the newest drums and percussion buying experience that is owned by Iron Maiden drummer and legend Nicko McBrain. Our store is based in Manchester, England and our brand new on line store is set up to supply products Worldwide. To be the best we believe we need to be different and it is this difference that we hope to reflect in everything that we do, be that in store or on line. Everybody that works at DRUM ONE is a drummer and we have all trained extensively on all of the wonderful brands and products that we sell, whenever you interact with us you are assured of unbiased, qualified advice so that you can make the best choice possible on what products are right for you.

When you visit our store you will experience Percussion Heaven run by a team committed to creating an in store experience that is as much fun as it is informative for our customers and don’t make the mistake of thinking you are only welcome when you are buying, drummers are ALWAYS welcome at DRUM ONE even if it just to hang out to talk to other drummers or to keep up to date on product developments etc.

At Drum One we don’t just understand drums we understand DRUMMERS! We also understand that we aren’t just selling drums and percussion, we are selling something that makes us all feel fantastic and that something is when we play drums. We are selling that wonderful feeling of excitement and nervousness minutes before we count in for the first song, we are selling the butterflies we all feel in our stomach when the audience applaud our songs and we are selling that enormous feeling of satisfaction we feel when we walk from the stage to the dressing room at the end of a great performance.

We say it because we mean it, DRUM ONE is more than just a drum store it is an adventure ….. We want you to be a part of it!


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