Kentville 14" Kangaroo Hide Drum Head

Kentville 14" Kangaroo Hide Drum Head

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Kangaroo Hide Drum Head

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Head Size 14"
Head Type Hide
Plies Single
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Handmade the Traditional Way.
Each head is entirely handmade using a series of tasks and tools as old as western drums themselves. Today we lap our drumheads in the same way that they were lapped for the snares of the drummer boys that served in the Battle of Gettysburg and the Napoleonic wars. It’s a process steeped in tradition.

Hide selection demands discerning examination before skins are deemed suitable for drumhead production. After being stretched and dried, our chosen hides are cut to size and thinned to attain the ideal thickness for producing heads. These precisely sized rounds are then lapped to flesh hoops before being set on moulds to dry and to form crowns which enable the heads to seat comfortably.

Only the finest quality drumheads pass our scrupulous final inspection.

Fine: 8-10mil
Medium: 10-12mil
Heavy: 12-14mil

Flesh hoops
Kentville heads are lapped to solid aluminium flesh hoops, which provide great strength, tuning accuracy and durability.