Tama Dyna-Sync Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

Tama Dyna-Sync Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal




A perfect blend of power, speed, and personalisation. The Tama Dyna-Sync Double Bass Drum Pedal features a dyna beater which provides impact to the bass drum head surface evenly, maximising clear, dynamic articulation. Whereas the conventional approach to the spring assembly has been to anchor the bottom of the spring, leaving the top to be pulled from various angles, this bass drum pedal saves the turbulence and wasted energy by introducing the swivel spring tight assembly. This enables a straight spring pull during the pedals entire cycle, resulting in the one of the smoothest, lightest actions imaginable on a bass drum pedal. The Dyna-Sync bass drum pedal features an Oiles® bearing hinge offering even less friction than the standard ball bearing.





1. Optimized Transmission Design
By precisely positioning and aligning the contact point transmission angles between the cam, direct link and footboard, we achieved the perfect overall balance of power-speed-feel.

2. Dual Linkage
To convert rotational motion force from footboard to cam, we developed a sturdy double-link cam connection system that holds the rotation axis bearings equally from both sides. This produces almost perfect energy transfer from the footboard-to-cam and creates phenomenal reaction speed and power.

3. Slidable Cam
The upper cam section slides back and forth in a "non-step" action to adjust the cam-turning radius. A larger turning radius provides for a more linear motion between footboard and beater and results in a high-degree of sensitivity for nuanced performance. The smaller turning radius results in a more dynamic (non-linear) motion. The Slidable Cam promotes a highly personalized and "connected" feel tailored to widely diverse playing styles.

4. Footboard Angle Adjustment
Drummers have come to recognize and appreciate independent bass drum footboard angle adjustment as an important function to help customize a personal feel. This inspired us to focus on the Dyna-Sync design and create a completely new and unique footboard angle adjustment. The Dyna-Sync footboard angle design integrates into the clam-shaped connection point between linkage and footboard and is fully adjustable to deliver a totally personalized pedal angle adjustment.

5. Sync-Coil
The Sync-Coil is a 1.5x heavier gauge steel spring compared to our established Cobra Coil. The Sync-Coil assists the return of the footboard to the original position to provide an extra element of quickness to the pedal and slides on the bass plate so drummers can customize their own level of pedal return assistance.

6. Dyna Beater
Featuring black felt and a slightly tapered shape, this traditional style beater provides impact to the bass drum head surface evenly to maximize clear, dynamic articulation.

Hinge Guard Block

Swivel Spring Tight


Para-Clamp II Pro

Oiles® Bearing Hinge

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