Paiste 19" 2002 Black Big Beat Cymbal

Paiste 19" 2002 Black Big Beat Cymbal

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2002 Black Big Beat represent a modernised, yet timeless interpretation of the legendary 2002 sound. Visually, the cymbals feature a distinctly new hammering pattern for the 2002 family, a slightly darkened, semi-matted finish and simplified black logos to distinguish the Big Beat set. With the 2002 Black Big Beat models, we take the 2002 sound into a new realm, while preserving the legendary 2002 heritage.
Since: 2016
Alloy: CuSn8 Bronze, also known as «2002 Bronze»
Applications: Soft to loud settings - Live and recording - Rock, Indie-Rock, Blues, Rock’n’Roll, Country, R&B, Soul, Gospel and modern hybrids rooted in those styles
Sound: Warm, deep, brilliant, lush, full, wide - Big Beat cymbals are rooted in the world of “2002 Bronze”, with its celebrated brilliance, clarity, precision and strength. Big Beat models add particular warmth, depth and complexity to the mix. They are perfect for broad, voluminous sound without being overly aggressive.

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    Warm, deep, brilliant, lush. Medium wide range, complex mix. Responsive, giving feel. Warm luscious crashes with swift fade. Airy, defined ping over wide multi-layered wash. Broad, musical, integrated bells. Multifunctional to work well as both crashes and rides in medium low to loud settings.

    Type: Multi
    Size: 19"

    Sustain: medium
    Weight: medium thin
    Volume: medium low to loud


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