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Hardcase provide the ultimate protection for your drums. Moulded rigid Polyethylene single piece shell cases that are virtually bomb proof!
These lightweight cases are waterproof and durable enough to withstand any amount of gigs.
The cases unique shape means they are stackable and have nesting capabilities. Internal high density foam grip pads keep your drum nice and snug while on the outside the adjustable 30mm wide high tensile strength black webbing keep the drum secure in the case.

Established in 1992, HARDCASE is a family run company with a dedicated work force of 17 members of staff. The Hardcase commitment to quality and the highest level of customer service is paramount and they are extremely proud to remain a British manufacturer.
Designed and produced in the heart of England, Hardcase pride themselves on offering one of the world’s most highly recognized and in demand range of rigid plastic protective cases for drums and percussion instrumentation.

All HARDCASE products are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Tom Cases are for standard and power depth.
Hardcase recommend drums fitted with suspension mount systems (i.e. 'Gauger RIMS', 'Star-Cast' etc.), please consider the next size case up (case sizes between 8" up to 13" dia. only)


Minimum Drum Depth: 6"
Maximum Drum Depth: 8"
Drum Diameter: 13"
Weight: 2.50kg


● Designed and Produced in the heart of England
● Made from a high impact polyethylene
● Stackable lid design
● Nesting capabilities
● Personal ID name badge
● Vented lid design
● Lightweight and waterproof
● All cases fitted with 30mm HT black webbing
● Comfy grip carry handles
● High density foam grip pads for internal protection

Hardcase HN13T(S) 13" Short Tom Case

Available to order from Hardcase

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