ATV aDrums Series Electronic Floor Tom

ATV aDrums Series Electronic Floor Tom

SKU: aD-T13

ATV aDrums Artist Series 13" Floor Tom

The Floor Tom features an all Birch shell with a solid black lacquer finish. It has 45-degree angle bearing edges cut on both sides with dual-layer mesh heads to capture even the tenuous responses. Not only does the Floor Tom look like an actual acoustic set, it performs like one.

The drum has multiple sensors which provides a smooth and natural playing experience. The aesthetics of the floor tom reflects the realistic playing experience thanks to the beautiful black high-gloss lacquered shells.


Size: 13" X 12"
Material: Birch 6-ply
Finish: Lacquer
Colour: Solid Black
Connector: 1 x Trigger Output (TRS Phones)

*Trigger Cable is not included.