ATV aDrums Artist Standard Electronic Drum Kit

ATV aDrums Artist Standard Electronic Drum Kit

SKU: aDrums-ART- STD

4 Piece Kit with Hi Hat, Crash, Ride, AD5 Module & Snare Stand

Drum One are extremely proud to represent the astonishing ATV aDrums range of Electronic Drum Kits, Sound Modules and add on components. The aDrums Artist Series is available in two set ups, those being the Standard and Expanded set.

The Standard aDrums Artist Kit reproduces the same strike sensation as an Acoustic Drum Kit, as well as the 6-ply Birch shells resembling a realistic appearance. Not to mention, the ATV aD5 Drum Module is a quality piece of equipment which offers a complete, dynamic range of sounds.

With a simple and balanced structure, the electronic drum kit provides expressive power and sensational sound characteristics. The standard set up is a fabulous drum kit in its own right, but also provides the perfect basis for creating your own custom kit by adding components which suit your playing style.

At Drum One, we have the kit in store at Manchester. We highly recommended that you come and try it out first before investing in a supreme electronic kit like this. Please don't hesitate to contact us, we would love to help you out!


18" X 12" Kick Drum
13" X 5.5" Snare Drum
10" X 6.5" tom
13" X 12" Floor Tom
14" Hi Hat
16" Crash Cymbal
18" Ride Cymbal
Snare Stand
Tom / Cymbal Stand
Cymbal Stand
Multi Clamp
Multi Purpose Cable
Sound Module aD5