ATV aDrums Artist Series Drum Sound Module

ATV aDrums Artist Series Drum Sound Module

SKU: aD5


The aD5 sound module provides high-speed trigger detection and low-latency sound generation. This allows an enormous amount of uncompressed audio data to sound at the very instant of a strike, enabling a drummer's unique personality to be clearly expressed. The module features a sound engine which expresses a full dynamic range of sounds.

The Electronic Drum Module is set to transform the way Electronic Drum Kits are played. The aD5 module will provide an ultra-realistic experience via its bespoke technology. It is designed to work with almost any drum trigger pads, therefore, upgrading your current set up into a new Electronic Drum Kit.

The Drum Module supports many different brands of pads, meaning it’s perfect if you’re wanting to take your electronic drum kit to the next level. Compared to other modules, the aD5 is much more realistic and responsive.


AC Adaptor
Multi Trigger Cable
Stand Adaptor
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